800 Backlinks – 7 days SEO Campaign

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Place the Order by adding to Cart and then go to Checkout, Fill in all your details and We will contact you on the email you supplied, plus your PayPal registered (if different) with details we need from you to get your campaign started. Any questions, just shoot us an email or use the contact above.



Things good to know before ordering.


Q: What results could I get?

A: There are over 300 factors in SEO and each case is different, so we CAN’T promise SERP increase or other results, even if we often see great results!

Q: Will I get to the first page of Google?

A: If your site has other factors in place, like quality content, user-friendly website, social activity, age, and your niche is not very competitive, a chance to get there increases with our SEO.

Q: When I could see results?

A: Often we see results within 20-35 days. Google works like that, so please be patient. You may also see a “Google Dance”, that’s normal, Google is looking for a new place for you! Please keep in mind we can’t guarantee any results because of Google’s algorithm complexity, even if it works often.

Q: Is this safe?

A: Yes! We use only HIGHLY TRUSTED websites by Google: Adobe, WordPress, Vimeo etc. places where the links cannot be considered unsafe. Not only that but we always follow Google’s Guidelines, and we are always updating our services to keep it top notch!

Q: What guarantees do I have? What about refunds?

A: We guarantee that we will deliver what we promised, the HQ backlinks. You still could see a nice increase in rankings or even traffic, but since Google is very complex and each case is different, we can’t guarantee that and so we won’t refund for not getting better rankings.

Q: How these links are used?

A: Top SEOS i know, use these backlinks as a part of their “social fortress” and Authority increase. They do it for every website they got, its just a must, same as creating your Facebook or Twitter. Then even later use my backlinks for boosting all their social profiles, it works great!


DA is a dynamic metric, and we don’t update it in real time, so some links from the report may have different DA. Premium Indexing – We increase the indexation rate, but that does not mean 100% of the links will be indexed. We will add some redirects as bonus links.


If you like to see samples, please contact us, using the contact page above and just ask.


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