Bluehost-Website Offer

Claim Your Lead Generation Business Website Today!

We are offering you a custom-built Business Landing Website for your business! Yes! For FREE! We will give you a free custom-built lead catching Business Website! The normal price is $499+ per Lead Generation website. When you signup for a hosting account with Bluehost.

All You have to do is:

  1. Signup and purchase a Bluehosting Package direct from Bluehost starting at less than $4.00 Per Month, using our unique Bluehost link. (see below)
  2. Come back to this page and register with us, send us your Bluehost and business details.
  3. We will custom create your website and send you the files, or we can help you upload it to your new Hosting account with BlueHost.


This is important: To make sure we can locate your Bluehost account, make sure to follow this correctly, otherwise we will not be able to give you your Lead Generation Website for free.

Copy the link above and paste it in your web browser – add your own email address at the end of the link like the example below and click enter.

example link:

Order your hosting package, select the first hosting package for $3.30.

When you have done it, please contact us, using the form at the bottom of this page, fill in the form and select the niche you like to use, fill in your details so that we can customize it for your business.

That’s It! As easy as 1,2 – 3!

Below are samples of website fronts you can choose from, we are adding more and more type of business niches.

So what will you get:

  1. Main Page with sections to get people to contact you, Also called Landing page or Lead Generation page, as its focuses on the business you supply and how they can easily contact you directly on One page without having to go through several complicated pages.
  2. Automatic Request appointment/ contact page which redirects to your email(s) that you want to receive requests or contact requests to.
  3. Contact us section with a map and your business details.
  4. About us section to let new clients know what you do.

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