WordPress Hosting – What is it and is it worth it?

June 23, 2021

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I’m Anna, the how-to girl at 10Web, a managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google Cloud in this video we will discover all the hidden secrets in the WordPress hosting closet and we’ll talk about what WordPress hosting is and is it in reality worth it so stay tuned hit the subscribe button for more wordpress related videos like this also in the comments down below let us know if you already use wordpress hosting so let’s get started.

WordPress is the most widely used website builder and content management system in the world it’s been launched in 2003 and since then it’s been crucial to website making WordPress is super popular 35% of all the web sites and 3803percent of top hundred thousand websites are wordpress based however.

WordPress still remains a battle zone between a huge community of supporters and contributors who like WordPress because it’s free open-source easy to learn and has more than hundred thousand themes and plug-ins for everything and millions of doubters and haters who mainly criticize WordPress because of its low speed bad security and low Google rankings but what if I tell you there is a hosting especially optimized to better meet WordPress performance and security called WordPress hosting.

Hosting is one of the most important but commonly overlooked aspects of running your website WordPress has been designed for flexibility and scalability on a variety of platforms so you can run your website in any type of host the only technical requirement for running your website is MySQL 50 15 or higher and PHP 5

24 or higher butthis does not mean that you should host your website to anywhere processedwithout a high quality host your website will surely load slowly have highdowntime and be less secure by choosing the quality.

WordPress host you will greatly improve the performance of your site and receive a ton of additional advantages the common advantages are one-click install that allows quickly installed WordPress to your website automatic updates to the WordPress core and WordPress centered support team that can handle any question related to WordPress the two main types of WordPress hosting are shared hosting and managed hosting shared.

WordPress hosting is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting you will ever find and this is mainly because you share server resources with other web sites hosting wordpress on a shared server can be an affordable choice for new business owners and smaller sites but for those who are looking for more speed security and support will need managed WordPress hosting managed WordPress hosting takes the stress out of hosting and managing your site usually managed.

WordPress hosting will use a dedicated server but it can also be configured with VPS hosting cloud hosting or even a shared server environment with managed WordPress hosting you get high levels of security incredibly fast speedup-to-date server high level of uptime WordPress centered support team the prime drawback of managed hosting has always been high pricing.

Which is already sold with 10Web a managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google Cloud at 10Web we offer managed hosting with the price of shared hosting the annual pricing starts at $10 a month for one website and can go as low as six dollars for one website in case of 10 websites being hosted so normal shared hosting besides affordable prices 10Web offers a ton of additional advantages which makes WordPress hosting a hundred percent worth it when you create a webpage on 10Web or migrate your existing site from elsewhere it will automatically get 95 plus Page Speed score 10Web’s backup service is the real time differential backup which automatically backs up your website.

It also keeps it in a very secure AWS s3 storage space also you’re able to automatically schedule your backup 10Web offers you an elastic scaling in order to handle your traffic spikes with every extra 10,000 visitors or five gigabyte SSD storage you will be charged extra $200 at the end of the billing month with 10Web you will save your time hosting managing and building your websites from a single dashboard where you can manage all your websites with a few clicks with every 10Web plan you get drag and drop website builder based on Elementor 40 beautiful and mobile-friendly website templates.

50 premium plugins for everything security scanners and SEO service 10Web offers you a 14-day free trial with no credit card required if you just want to try and see so we are sure that 10Web is the best hosting choice for you and time to sum up so what is WordPress hosting it’s a host that’s been optimized to run WordPress is it worth it absolutely with WordPress hosting you have tons of advantages for speed security support and much more already wondering whether to choose shared hosting or managed hosting wait well why why settle down with bad quality shared hosting if you can get a managed hosting with the same price right as already said 10Web offers you a 14-day free trial that can help your decision a lot if you found this video helpful please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to leave your comments down below or click below to read more….

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